Philosophy of Therapy

First things first:

Welcoming all genders, races, countries of origin,
sexual orientations, religions, abilities and body sizes.


examining relationship patterns


exploring identity

Learning New Skills

Focusing on what works and eliminating harmful patterns in your life. 

Learning to recognize, appreciate, and cultivate your most authentic self.

Practical and evidence-based approaches to help you build real-life skills for working through issues.


Family-of-origin & Relationship Issues

         Perspective, relatability and judgement-free atmosphere                  


Help with shifting focus, letting go, and rediscovering yourself


Patience, understanding, and help with rebuilding relationships with yourself & others

Sexual Trauma

Compassion, sensitivity, and therapy at your own pace 

All through the lens of living in NYC

Working through adjustment issues

Achieving Work-life balance

finding inner peace amidst the chaos of city life

What Clients Think

I can't say enough good things about Lindsey. From our very first meeting, when I was a crying, broken, irrational mess, through my hopelessness, stubbornness, belligerence, and subsequent joy and even laughter, she was always calm, relatable, mindfully present, and caring...She never forgot a detail, saw through my manipulation, and called me out when I needed a dose of reality. Lindsey worked with me, emphasis on the word with. She doesn't just watch and listen. She is thoughtful, strong, kind, creative, and sincere.

 - Liz F.

Lindsey is very honest with me and has been able to objectively lift me up. She's a continuous sounding board and extremely understanding of where I am at this point in my life while providing insight on how to make it stronger and more fulfilling. She's very intuitive and open to discussing how to find the correct tools to get there. She is always extremely supportive and assuring while addressing my anxieties. I highly recommend her! 

 - Simone P. 

As a multiple trauma survivor, I saw my first therapist many moons ago and have experienced multiple treatment modalities and the gamut of personal styles amongst therapists.  I could professionally review lots of them! I only say this so you can take my opinion the utmost assurance that my time with Lindsey was among the most productive - her style was among the most likable, and the issues she tough loved me into facing were core for me as I have experienced. 

 - PK

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